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Translations & Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

Also knows as simultaneous interpreting. During conference interpreting, the interpreter speaks simulatenously with the speaker with only minimum time delay. As this kind of interpreting is extremely demanding, it is usually performed by two interpreters and requires appropriate technical equipment - an interpreting booth or a chuchotage (whispering) set. This type of interpreting is mostly used for conferences and top level meetings, where interrupting the speaker is not desirable.

Consecutive Interpreting

In case of consecutive interpreting, the interpreter translates shorter parts of speaker's speech. The speaker is thus required to make regular pauses. Consecutive interpreting is suitable for business meetings, visits to plants, workshops and shorter lectures or presentations. This type of interpreting is sometimes used during important business meetings, because it enables the participants (often English speaking themselves) to get absolutely precise wording and gain some "reaction time" to properly formulate their business decisions.


A high-quality translation is not a machine-like conversion of a text into different language. It is a much deeper process, which requires extensive information search to be performed, verification of suitability of individual terms for the subject domain of expertise and choice of the right style to fit the type of the document to be translated. Especially when translations of technical documents are concerned, may customers contact me with bad previous experience with other translators, who tranlated their documents without proper understanding of the subject matter. For a technician, such documents often become only a source of fun, but not the source of all the important information that the author intended to convey. If, for example, work procedures or manuals are translated this way, subsequent damages may be far higher compared to the cost of high-quality translation. In order to assure consistent terminology of my translations, I utilize modern CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools. CAT tools are not automatic translators that are becoming so popular nowadays, but they are a tool, which helps to assure consistent use of terminology for all the key terms in all the comprehensive documentation that some customers produce, and help to avoid omitting even the smallests parts of the text.

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